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Rescued Abilities Project began with the understanding that our servicemen & women come home from tours of duty with many needs--some of which are obvious--many of which are unseen and deadly.

As we already have experience in general obedience training, service tasks, and certain medical alert dogs, we saw our veterans’ needs and decided to make a difference. 



The average cost of a single service animal from many organizations ranges from $20,000-30,000. Because we screen each dog carefully and work with them on a daily basis for weeks on end, this cost can be cut down to around $3,000 which allows us to provide more animals to those in need, at a faster rate.

With us, a donation can help many people verses a few.


We wish to raise awareness about what qualifies a service dog, how businesses should react, and the unseen problems that require the help of a four-legged companion. 



Our ultimate goal is to be of service to those families that have individuals serving in the armed forces and protecting our neighborhoods. 


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Learn more about the people that make this project a success!   Our Board Members are here to help and serve.



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The Kennel Facility…

The R.A.P. facility provides a safe, secure and clean "Home Away from Home". The facility offers several features to help stand out from the typical dog boarding kennel and customers have the peace of mind knowing that the owner lives on the premises. Customers have the ability to unload dogs under the covered drive and walkway is convenient for rain or shine. The 1500 sqft climate controlled kennel facility consists of twenty eight runs. Furthermore the dogs enjoy playtime in their own outside airing yard.In addition for dogs that are in training, R.A.P. offers a 900 sqft climate controlled indoor training room. This room is also used for handler seminars, meetings, and events.


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