A Service Dog can empower, aid, comfort, and support their owner, significantly improving their quality of...




Per the ADA - American Disability Act an individual may train their own service dog but what if they aren't the dog training type or physically able? R.A.P. is a training service to those who have a diagnosed disability.


In addition to sound advanced obedience and socialization training, specialty work tasks are taught to the dogs. This training is directly related to the individual’s needs. We work with individuals with seen or unseen challenges and their own dog.



What general qualities of life does the dog help with?

• Emotional stability and comfort reassurance in social outings to build self esteem

• Create a need to be needed

• Alert an adult handler to take medicine

• Decrease depression, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate

• Provide a calming presence


Rescued Abilities Project can produce a fully trained Service Dog for an average of $3,500 in four to six months. A fraction of the cost and timeframe of the typical cost of a Service Dog!!!!

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